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Ella GraceWriting a biography, short or long, can be daunting. I’m so used to writing about fictional characters, I’d love to embellish and tell you about the amazing feats I’ve accomplished. Alas, as Popeye would say, “I am what I am.”

I grew up in the Deep South, went to a small school, in a small town. Everyone knew everyone and though I had friends, my best friends were my books. Reading was almost as necessary to me as breathing. Without those glorious hours of entertainment they provided each day, who knows what kind of trouble I might have gotten into.

After living in various states, I’m now back in Alabama, where most of my family still resides. I have a wonderful, incredibly supportive husband who believes in me. How I was so fortunate to snag him, I truly do not know. Along with my hubby, I live with five fur-kids. Having five dogs definitely keeps us hopping. The noise quotient is often beyond what’s bearable but the unconditional love these wonderful creatures give makes up for that. In addition to the fur-kids, we have a turtle named Turdie Joe who is, as you might guess, the quietest member of the family.

Since writing takes up a huge part of my life, my hobbies are somewhat narrow. I love to read, of course, make the occasional meal, go to movies, take long walks and travel when possible.

Creating characters in my head has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The need to get these characters and their stories on paper only started a few years ago. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop. Having a successful career as Christy Reece was a dream come true. And now, writing as Ella Grace, too, my life couldn’t be more exciting or fulfilling.


1) You’re already established as a romantic suspense author, so why take a new name?

This was a hard decision to make and one I resisted at first. However, the more I wrote on the Midnight series, the more I realized that there was quite a distinction between the two series. So much so, that if a person familiar with Christy Reece books picked up a book in the Midnight series, they might be shocked at the differences. As a reader, when I pick up a book by a favorite author, I like knowing what to expect. Separating the two types of series by using a different name just made sense.

2) So how are you going to cross promote both Ella Grace and Christy Reece books so your readers will know about both series?

I’ll mention the two names everywhere I can. I’m enormously proud of my Christy Reece books and would love if people discovered them via Ella Grace’s books. It’s also my sincere hope that those who love Christy Reece books will try my Ella Grace books, too.

3) How similar is Midnight, Alabama to where you grew up?

Other than the southern expressions and food, there are very few similarities. That’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing this series. I’ve created a charming and unique little southern town that I’d love to live in…although, being a resident of Midnight can sometimes be dangerous.

4) Was it difficult going from writing plot driven books with kick butt characters in international settings to the happenings in a small southern town?

A little. I think the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was to let the other characters go for a while so I could fall in love with some new ones. All of my characters have similarities such as strength, courage, stamina and determination. However, the focus and goals of my LCR operatives are very different from my Midnight characters who deal with small town politics, intrigue and murders.

5) What’s going to happen to Christy Reece’s Last Chance Rescue series?

More are coming! I’m planning to self publish additional LCR books. Right now, I’m working on a new book that I hope to release in the first quarter of 2013. And then my plan is to write and release more next year. Be sure to check out for more information on the future of Last Chance Rescue books.

6) How many books do you plan to write in the Midnight series?

Right now, I’m only contracted for two books, MIDNIGHT SECRETS and MIDNIGHT LIES. If possible, I’d like to write another one, MIDNIGHT SHADOWS, for the third sister, Sabrina. And once you read MIDNIGHT SECRETS, I think you’ll understand why I would love to write books for Brody, Logan and Josh, too.